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  • Why can't I just do this myself?
    Even the disciples were sent out two by two. The Bible talks about us using our unique gifts for the common good (1 Cor 12). If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are able to do all things through Christ who strengthens you (Romans 10:13, Phil 4:13). However, we who are called are purposely put together in fellowship, utilizing our individual gifts to further His kingdom (Romans 8:30, 1 Peter 4:10, Matt 28:16-20). In the most basic sense, we need each other. We are all uniquely gifted. God has specifically called the writers here, along with their education, experience, and passion, to help others tell His story. We utilize a selection of highly-regarded resources including a library of books from seminary and personal study, as well as the comprehensive Logos Bible Software. Well-versed in most major translations of the Word, we aim to keep the Bible as the foundational truth of any project. We can give you a fresh set of eyes on your words to ensure that His Word is prominent. We are blessed, well beyond the financial aspect, when you allow us to walk beside you in communicating His goodness through you (Matt 18:20).
  • What is your turn-around time on projects?
    Depending on availability, same day service is possible for small projects. For larger projects, a week is generally more realistic. Full book manuscript preparation typically takes 6-8 weeks. Most authors who self-publish their book utilizing a full range of our offerings including manuscript preparation, formatting, and cover art, have the incredible experience of holding their finished book in their hands in less than six months.
  • Do you edit, review, or write secular content?"
    Although we specialize in the non-secular, we offer services for secular content within reason. Our company reserves the right to carefully review the scope of the content before providing an agreement for services. The purpose of this company is for all we do, to be done for the glory of God (1 Cor 10:31).
  • Why the name "Colossians 4:6?""
    In creating the business, we wanted to be sure that it was not a reflection about our own talents, but entirely reflective of the powerful Word of God and the instructions of how He wants us to use our gifts. Our words, are in themselves, gifts when used as He instructs. The Scripture references that our words should be full of grace and seasoned with salt. Our words are supposed to be wise, richly used, and indicative of the grace He's extended to us. Further, the verse states that this should be so, in order for us to have an appropriate answer for the audience (paraphrasing, depending on what translation you reference). Our words should not be the same for everyone. They should be tailored with the foundational elements of grace and salt, personalized with careful consideration for the audience at hand. It is our desire and blessing to help you in that exact way.
  • I want to write a book, but don't know where to start. What can you offer?"
    We truly love being part of the very first steps as a new book is birthed. Whether you have written your first word, have a finished manuscript, or just have an idea in your head, we can help you shape a plan towards creating and even publishing the book you've dreamed of. The first step in the process is a consultation to understand the intent of the book and to briefly review any content already written. We will talk with you about the process of organizing the book, setting goals for writing and publishing, accountability for getting the work done, and what services we can offer with content creation, structural organization, ghostwriting, dictation, formatting, editing, or otherwise. While we do not offer publishing, we do offer consultation services for self-publishing your book and we also have several publishing/printing facilities we can recommend.
  • What is "author coaching" and why is this valuable?"
    Author Coaching is a small investment for the serious author to conceptualize and organize the "so what" behind their message. During coaching sessions (done virtually at your convenience), you will be meet with a seasoned, published author with a passionate commitment to help you understand and achieve your goals for your writing. Other topics that can be addressed include accountability partnerships - (sometimes we need to have a "writing buddy" just like a running buddy), publishing options, book organization, and new ways to understanding and connecting with your audience. Because the investment should always support and not define your story, there is no minimum amount of sessions required to commit to, and sessions may be purchased "on demand" at $82.50/hour-session or two for $150.
  • What is your rate?
    Please see the Services page for a full description of services and associated costs. Please note that many services are priced per word, or per block of words. While the specialization in Biblical accuracy is what sets us apart from the standard freelance offering, our rates for writing, editing, content creation, and research are still competitive with the standard for the freelance writing market. (To view current industry standards please refer to the EFA Editorial Freelancers Association.) Additionally, we are hired similarly to consultants in that we NEVER own any of your work or rights to future profits. This is also a significant distinction between us and publishers, including hybrid publishing companies. Author Coaching is $82.50/(hour-long) session or two for $150. For a quick quote on your project, please email A retainer may be required for larger scopes of work. Final payment is due prior to delivery. We accept all major credit & debit cards for payment.
  • How do you write sermons? Isn't that usually a pastor's responsibility?
    Like all of us these days, pastors have an increasing amount of demands on their time. Many pastors have "day jobs" and families to attend to, all while leading their church. Often a pastor may be led to preach on a particular topic, but due to time constraints, may not be able to gather all the necessary research related to the topic to make it Biblically-comprehensive. That's where we come in. Typically, we do not write sermons word-for-word, but rather present the information on a particular topic or segment of Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to work through the Pastor to bring the words together. Sermons can be organized with introductory/background information, body content, conclusions, and Scriptural references organized in easy-to-read large font and bullet points to highlight main talking points. All sources utilized in gathering the information for the sermon topic will be referenced so that the pastor will be completely equipped to accurately represent the topic. Sermon preparation starts at $82.50/hour. (For entirely new sermons, most take 1 hour of preparation time per 5 minutes of content.)
  • Where can I view a sample of your work?
    Writing samples are linked under the bios of our writers on our About Us and Blog pages. Client references can be viewed on LinkedIn as well as additional ones by request based on specific projects. Joanna is also the author of Fire Women: Sexual Purity & Submission for the Passionate Woman, Healing From Acid Reflux, and the co-author and editor of DiscipleTrip by Dr. Joey Cook.
  • Do you offer manuscript assessments?
    Yes, and we love reading new work! Our manuscript assessments include a full read-through of the manuscript, and one hour of author coaching and consultation to discuss the work afterwards. This discussion can also include publishing consultation as well, as requested by the author. For clients who hire us for manuscript preparation after an assessment, we apply a 50% credit of the manuscript assessment fee towards the cost of the final manuscript preparation. Manuscript assessments are priced per word. Please contact us for a quick quote on your assessment.
  • Are you a publisher? Can you publish or promote my book?
    We are not a publisher. We do offer proffesional consultation and assistance to authors who may be considering publishing, whether by a traditional publishing house, or a hybrid publishing group. Our professional consultation can help explain the benefits and considerations for the various avenues of publishing, specific to your project. We also offer assistance with most aspects of self-publishing, including editing, proofing, paperback, ebook, and hardback formatting, press logo creation, book blurb and back cover marketing text, and original cover art production. However, unlike either a traditional or hybrid publisher, we own no rights or claim to an author's work before, after, or during the publication process. We love to organically promote our clients, and we do so regularly. We also love to teach others how to organically promote their work without having to spend a lot of money in advertising. Through additional consultation, we can show you how to market and promote your work in low-cost ways. We can also provide some outstanding referrals to social media marketing management and website building companies for further assistance.
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