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While You Look at the Fire

For the one I love,

I know you need to hear from Me. I AM here.

I made your heart to desire justice. I made your heart to love equality and unity. I made your heart to desire heaven and break inside when you realize that you aren’t there.

I wanted you to be so passionate about seeking me because you can no longer stand where you are at. It was with purpose. It was My supernatural roadmap for you, not a punishment, My sweet child.

I felt the same passion you do. I felt the same rage inside when I saw the true face of evil. Never has anyone looked at it so unmasked as I have. No matter how you are choosing to express the fact that neither can you live in this world in peace, neither could I. That’s why I did not come to bring peace, but a sword, a division to make clear the distinction between right and wrong, dark and light so that eventually you’d be so disgusted by the dark that you could do nothing else but to run to Me, where I stand with open arms and the only solution that has ever existed.

Are you there yet?

Whether viral, racial, or radical, I have promised to bring justice for the suffering of all of souls, including yourself in this day. I have promised to bring justice. I’m the only One who can. I’m the only One who has. And I’m the only One who has the ability in this moment to supernaturally transport you there in all of My glory to the victory where your peace will come without understanding. You, like, Me will have ears to hear and eyes to see that all of this pain is rooted in evil and not in the symptomatic distractions man has named.

I will give you My view, My vision. I am ready to bring you to that place where you will be so blinded by the glory and grace and peace that only I can give you that the horror of this world will strangle dim and rapidly pale in comparison. I have promised you that nothing you will suffer here can compare with the glory that is to come. Have you forgotten?

Come with me. Come to me.

I’m literally right with you, but when you come away with Me you won’t need to say anymore or do anymore or fear anymore or hurt anymore. You won’t need to do anything but you will want to do one thing and that with more passion than anything before in your earthly life. You will worship Me when you just get a glimpse of how much I have loved you, worked this for your good, and always, always, had a plan, from the moment the first evil took root in man’s heart. I have already handled this. This too.

Come away with me.

You will be here and yet they will not know what has happened to you. They will see your body as they saw Mine and they won’t know what to make of it. They won’t know that you have been transformed by My supernatural sight to no longer be among the crowd of accusers but the ones tending to My Body, anointing it, caring for it, even among its death. You will be no longer see the sin, but the grace. You will no longer look at the wounds and the death with pain but instead with full revelation of what I made come about through them. You will not lose sight of My mercy and grace because it will blind you and become your new vision. My child, 2020 was not for you to claim vision but for you to reclaim Mine. Evil will not be overcome by any plans of man. Not one plan of man has ever overcome it or could. Every sin from racism to rape to rejection was born in man’s heart, and you cannot therefore take something so blatantly corrupted and give it a salve to cover that which continues to grow deep inside.

The solution isn’t in you. It’s in Me. You will need to come to the end of yourself to realize that your only need is that of a new heart and I have it for you. I’m already there, at the end of you, waiting with it. The only thing I require is that you bring the old one with you to permanently trade it in.

Worship Me, my sweet son. Wipe your tears with your hair as you anoint My feet, precious daughter. I’m right in front of you. I haven’t left. I am worthy and I will raise you with Me above all of this. I know your heart is heavy, broken, shattered, lost and that you are weary to even walk. Even so, come.

I AM yours, truly.



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