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Train harder. This is class one of five in the Discipleship Strength Training series, taught by Joanna Sanders. In this lesson on Division, you will be equipped to understand Division from a truly Biblical perspective, and how it applies to our lives in this very moment.


This purchase includes ONLY this one class, and the custom PDF that goes with this lesson. 


Because of the nature of discipleship, these classes are taught live online with a group. New class dates will be announced soon. If you are interested in participating in a future class, please email with your interest and availability and we will try to accomodate your preferred time.


You are not required to prepare anything prior to the class. Camera and/or mic participation is not required, but encouraged. There will be approximately 45-60 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of group discussion and interaction. If you are unable to participate in the Zoom meeting, a recording will be available for you to access after the class. 


If you would like to participate in the full training program, please purchase the entire class package at a discounted rate of $60 for all 5 sessions. You will have access to all 5 PDFs, Zoom sessions, as well as their recordings.


Class size is limited to 12 participants. 

Discipleship Strength Training Online Class & PDF Week 1: DIVISION

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