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Are you there yet? Gain a comprehensive assessment on your manuscript with a full read and expert industry coaching on its strengths and needs, including an evaluation of flow, ease of understanding, Biblical accuracy, voice consistency, grammar, usage, content comprehensiveness, and overall organization of the book. Professional insight as what you can expect in a publishing contract based on your vision for the project and the current state of your manuscript. Insider advice regarding various publishing options and formats will also be discussed. No editing is done during the assessment and the feedback is delivered via a 1-hour call or video conference.


** PLEASE NOTE *** Pricing is PER WORD and is priced at $0.011 per word. (The pricing on the website will not show numbers beyond the first two decimal places.)  Full payment must be received prior to delivery.

Manuscript Assessment


    The pricing is 0.011 per word for this product. The website pricing template used for the website will only display the first two decimal places. Thank you.

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