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Writing assistance can match the size of your need, and no project is too small. Whether it's an email, a mission statement, a new-member's packet, retreat materials, a website, or a book. We can help you put into words what God is calling you to say or do. We can help you write a sermon or discussion for the topic that's been put on your heart.
Do you need help with your testimony? We can ghostwrite, mentor, and give you direction as to how to best tell your story.
Our writers may also be reserved for regular article submission, blog posts, social media content and newsletter/magazine columns. Please inquire today as to how we can help provide the content you need with Biblical accuracy appropriate to your audience. Writing and content creation is billed at $1.38 per minute (or $82.80/hour).

Writing, Editing, Content Creation -incl. Websites & Sermons

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